Transportation IoT solutions are deployed in traffic congestion control systems, in telematics systems within motor vehicles, in reservation and booking systems used by transport operators, in security and surveillance systems, and in remote vehicle monitoring systems.

The Spiridon Transportation IoT Solutions will continue to change the transport industry by transforming how transportation systems gather and make use of critical information.  The primary benefits of Spiridon Transportation IoT solutions are:

  • Enhanced traveler experience: Utilizing improved customer services, dependable transportation, and accurate communication. 

  • Increased safety: Sensor data tracks, for example, train speeds, aircraft part conditions, roadway temperatures, and the number of cars waiting at an intersection. Authorities use this information to improve the safety of transit system operations.  

  • Reduced energy use and congestion: Organizations use real time data to better scale resources and meet demands. They can react quickly to evolving traffic patterns, and take action to optimize traffic impact on the environment, use of fuel, and regional economic competitiveness. 

  • Better operational performance: Cities can monitor critical infrastructure and develop efficient processes to minimize operating costs and improve system capacity. 

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