Spiridon’s REZRV software is designed for both the existing enterprise and home router market, giving IT managers (or the home user) the ability to monitor and manage network needs.

Spiridon’s REZRV is a patented technology that applies bandwidth management policies by measuring and controlling all communication (traffic & packets) on a network link. This then avoids filling the bandwidth to capacity, thereby eliminating congestion and poor performance of the network. Spiridon’s REZRV Solution is configurable for needs as defined by the customer requirement. REZRV policies can be managed from the cloud, allowing dynamic updates for changing business needs.

What does this mean in plain English?  With everyone working remotely, one can now “rank order” applications to ensure priority is given.  Whether Zoom is prioritized over Fortnite (from home) or critical compliance applications are prioritized over YouTube from the office, users will always have the capability to maximize any network’s resources.

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