Enabling Workers to Collaborate Safely & Efficiently from Remote Locations

Spiridon Connected Worker solutions are data-driven to enable instant, actionable data for key personnel in real-time. By arming technicians with real-time displays of asset/equipment sensor readings & historical data (schematics, trends, etc.) workers can optimize their workflow and processes. Head-mounted, hands-free equipment increases safety & enables live, bi-directional video & audio communication that connects field technicians with expert resources and  instructional libraries at any time.

Connected Worker can also be utilized for remote training in a multitude of environments. Remote guidance functionalities not only augment training procedures for new/less experienced employees, but also help operations centers troubleshoot issues virtually. Connected Worker reduces time to action & better documents/catalogs recurring issues. With instant access to asset data & remote guidance from SMEs, workers are empowered to make more informed decisions in less time.

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